Diet Diary Android App - Review

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Diet Diary Android App - Review


Have you been starting a new diet lately? Starting to lessen those fats? A bit of a problem there though, how would you be able to track your progress?  Well, no more coz’ the new DIET DIARY is here.


This app is tailor-made for those who are agressive, motivated and is pushing through the limits to obtain that wonderful and amazing super board. Allowing you to keep track of your diet improvement and see how far you will have to go in order for you to reach that dream of yours.


The diet app enables you to enter your data and to record your activity or your calorie consumption for the day so that you will be able to compare it to your past day activities.


This app is very user-friendly and is easy to use. It includes a calendar where you can see your progress days and allows you to input your data so that you can easily see them as a “month-long” or even “week-long” report format, keeping you updated on your weight changes and will allow you to look back on your past improvements.  It also shows your progress on a graph scale. How cool is that?


Plus, you can create your calorie restrictions so that the app will show you if you have been consuming more that what you should take. It also includes a memo where you can write your comments or thoughts about your diet, so as to allow yourself to look back on your thoughts from where you’ve started and replenish that depleting motivation of yours.


This app gained a whooping 3.4 stars on the APP market as many users find it to be very useful in keeping track of those belly size and body weight and it also led them to finish what they have started as they have seen how far they’ve already come. Diet Diary is indeed an app that is extremely recommended and highly useful for those who are aspiring to have a healthy and fit body.