Japanese Diet Android App - Review

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Japanese Diet Android App - Review


Gaining weight and getting heavy? Want to lose some of that fat?  Then this app is a must-try!


Japanese diet is an app that sets a program targeted on correcting your diet as it is rightly done in Japan. It is developed by a Japanese clinic and is aimed to optimize, improve and speed up your body’s metabolism – the process of turning carbs into energy instead of fats.


So that the food that enters your body is sure to be stored as energy and will not add up on your kilo or show on your belly.


The Japanese diet is marked by nutritionists as a low-carb and low-calorie diet. Though it does not consider protein on the food list (a good spot for vegetarians), the vegetable and fruits included are sure to provide all the nutrients and minerals that our body needs to sustain our day-to-day activities. In addition, all foods that are included should be consumed without salt. Bringing our bodies to that superb shape we’ve always dreamed of!


The diet should last about two weeks and may vary depending on your current weight. You may end up losing 7-8kg on average and if you are really that determined, bring your body to a weight that is considered as physically fit. It suggests what you should eat for the day and is able to monitor how far you have gone in aiming for that dream superbod. The app is designed to help you lose fat, and it can also improve your health in many ways!


This app gained positive reviews (4.4 stars) on Google Play and is said to be a very effective weight loss program. As it really able to do what it promises to do as long as you follow the right instructions given in the program. So to conclude, this app is highly recommended for those who’d want to get to that tip top shape, with the right motivation and discipline, you’re sure to achieve that!